Viewing locations on iPhone Monitor


With AutoAlert iPhone/iPad monitor application, you can view the latest location of all your vehicles and engineers.

Simply go to the radar screen where you’ll see the latest location. From there you can click on a vehicle to get more information, zoom in and out of its current location and start the unit tracking (portable units only).

The icons of each vehicle corresponds with the icons on your main AutoAlert dashboard and can be changed from the dashboard.

You can also easily zoom to a particular vehicle by clicking on the AutoAlert icon at the top left of the screen, selecting devices and then clicking on the device you want to see. That will immediately zoom you to that device.

To refresh the locations, click on the AutoAlert icon again and then click refresh map. This will load any new positions that any of the devices may have sent. If you are zoomed in to a devices location, then you will stay at the current zoom level. To zoom back out and see all your vehicles, either click on the vehicle and press the zoom out button, or click on the AutoAlert icon and then click zoom out.


iPhone Monitor Radar screen
iPhone Monitor Radar screen
iPhone Monitor Radar screen


Sending your own location

You can send your own location with AutoAlert Monitor.

To start sending your location, click the AutoAlert icon on the top left of the screen and click start sending locations.

This will send your location to the AutoAlert system at periodic intervals dependant on your settings. Your location will be updated in the radar screen on your application as well as your colleagues screens and in the AutoAlert web dashboard.

To change how frequently your phone sends its location, click on the AutoAlert icon and then click Tracking settings. From there you can set how many locations to send if the phone cannot send mobile data and whether to transmit by distance or time.

Please note that due to the way iOS works, even if the phone is set to transmit by time, a new location will still only be available if the phone has a new location.





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