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Parking outside No10 is probably tricky at the best of times for even the most well-seasoned of car manoeuvring experts. After all, there’s probably going to be a few eyes watching and waiting and a beady eye behind a CCTV camera somewhere. So I guess it must be quite nerve wracking when you’re the PM’s children’s nanny, trying to park your new Honda Jazz. Do you act cool and take your time, reversing and moving and turning the wheel this way and that, squeezing in to that tight little spot? Or do you act big and just slide the vehicle neatly into place with a smooth reverse and turn?

Smooth operator or not, Gita Lama, the nanny to the Prime Minister’s children, was in luck the other day when she appeared to be having a spot of bother parking her car in Downing St. Quicker than the press of the clutch, the PM suddenly appeared, gallantly coming to the rescue, fresh from his daily run. He must have indicated his intentions well as he deftly took control, jumped behind the wheel and, to the amusement of his bodyguards, diligently reversed and parked the vehicle in a handy parking spot.

You see, a drizzly cloud of doubt hangs over the incident. A photographer filmed the scenario and claimed the PM bumped another car in the process and that he heard a definite ‘bang’. No damage, we’re told, just a bumper to bumper contact. A bit like the Euro fiasco.

The bump claim was hotly denied by Downing Street and I daresay they’re right. Sounds like an uneven road to nothing, going nowhere. The PM is probably an expert driver and a jolly good parking enthusiast. He’s bound to be quite savvy with all the very latest technological know-how, including a GPS tracking device. Hopefully he has a good SatNav fitted in his cars, lest he loses his way in Europe or finds he needs to re-route himself around Berlin and avoid any nasty snarl-ups.

We’re also given to understand that things can get rather jammed the closer one gets to Strasbourg, so let’s hope the PM is adroit at using his GPS for any points of interest….or should that be ‘order’? Of course, Blair famously published his ‘journey’, so one hopes that David has the latest iPhone app for taking dictation notes handsfree. Perhaps he might even be interested in taking out an Auto Alert fleet option for the rest of the Cabinet in order to warn him if any are seen idling around Brussels or speeding through Greece. Crisis, what crisis?

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