Portable GPS Tracking Device FAQ


Does the AutoAlert portable GPS tracking device offer live tracking?

Yes – Live tracking is available with all AutoAlert GPS Tracking devices.


Can AutoAlert GPS tracking devices be used in other countries?

Yes, we have customers all around the world using our innovative GPS tracking system. Our devices work globally so you can see where your vehicle is wherever it is on the planet.

Note: Our managed SIMS currently do not offer roaming. If you are using an AutoAlert GPS tracking device in a country outside the UK, then you will need your own SIM which works in the relevant country.


How do I get started

  1. Create an account
  2. Log in, click your name and select the option to add tracking devices
  3. We’ll send your portable GPS tracking device out to you
  4. Once received, place it in your vehicle, and
  5. Set it tracking.


How do I get the portable GPS tracking device to keep sending its location?

From the AutoAlert website or from the AutoAlert Monitor iPhone application, simply click on vehicle icon then choose tracking in the pop up. From there you can decide how long you want the unit to keep sending its location and at what frequency.

Note: If the unit runs out of power, then tracking will need to be restarted.


Portable GPS Tracking Device Options



How do I see my vehicles location?

The latest location of your vehicles can be viewed from your account when logged into the AutoAlert website.

You can also view your vehicles location on your smartphone or using our dedicated iPad and iPhone Monitor application which is available to download from the iTunes store.


How long does the battery last?

Battery life is dependant on a number of factors including how often the unit is transmitting its location and how easy it is for the unit to connect to the mobile network and see GPS satellites.

The battery life can last a few days but will be used more quickly the more often the unit transmits its location.

We suggest ensuring the unit is charged each night. It can be plugged into a cigarette charger and get charged automatically from the vehicle or the unit can be installed into the vehicles power.


Where can I place the unit?

The unit needs to be able to communicate with the mobile network and see GPS satellites, if it is obstructed by metal or heavy objects it could cut its ability to send a correct location. The unit can send its location through plastic.


The unit does not seem to be transmitting its location?

Please check the following:

  • Ensure the unit has power and a connection to the mobile network denoted by the green led flashing every 4 seconds.
  • If it is your own SIM, then make sure it has credit
  • If there is no GPS, the unit will send its last known location and the unit will look as if its stationary even thought it could be moving. Check the activity report to see whether the unit is sending locations and the signal strength.


I want the unit to send its location automatically when my vehicle has moved?

The portable GPS tracking device can be configured to send its location only when it has moved more than a certain distance.

For more accurate tracking, use our Installed GPS tracking devices which send their location when your vehicle ignition has been switched on.



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