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This guide is designed to help you dive into the power of AutoAlert and get the most from AutoAlert’s award winning system:


Job Management


What is AutoAlert anyway?

AutoAlert is a simple system which helps you see what’s going on in your business from tracking your vehicles, viewing the latest status of your jobs and keeping in touch with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

How is it useful?

AutoAlert provides the information you need about your business right at your fingertips. No more ringing around trying to find out where someone is or the status of a job.

You can connect to customers and partners and share information with them, allocate jobs to each other and share their status in real time.

AutoAlert also provides simple alerts and messaging to highlight issues and ensure transparent communication.

How to start using AutoAlert:

1. Firstly, create an account from the website or by downloading AutoAlert Monitor from the iTunes app store.

You can then add trackers, add employees and connect to customers and suppliers.

As you add connections, the value of the system increases as you can share jobs, messages and locations saving you and your partners time trying to find out what’s going on.

2. CONNECT DEVICES: get locations
Download AutoAlert Monitor, put a portable unit in a vehicle or install our trackers and start getting the location of your vehicles in real time.

3. ADD CONTACTS: allocate jobs
Invite your employees, customers and suppliers to join you then start receiving and allocating jobs. You can also communicate with each other easily from your desktop or mobile, or from your iPhone or iPad using the AutoAlert Monitor application.

4. ADD JOBS: monitor your jobs
Start adding jobs to the system then update and monitor them in real time.

If you have employees and suppliers, you can allocate jobs to them and get alerted if the job is not viewed or the engineer is not on site.


For more help and support, check out our Support Centre.





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