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System performance

AutoAlert continued excellent system performance is a primary concern. We know how important it is that you can see your information when you need it. We check all aspects of the system 24/7 for performance issues, bugs and security.


We publish performance metrics, issues and new developments to our twitter feed shown on the right or by searching for the hashtag #autoalert_support.


System updates

We sometimes have to make updates to the system which means we have to take a server off-line. Generally this takes less than a minute and in most cases should not noticed. Even so, we always try to install updates at times which minimise inconvenience such as late at night or at weekends.


Other issues

If you have any issues with any aspects of the site, please check this page first then our other help and support pages especially when you’re not sure why one of your units hasn’t updated correctly.


Mobile telephone network performance

We use Vodafone for our managed SIMS and it is important that your units have a good signal and there are no issues with the Vodafone network. If you have a problem and think it is due to the mobile network not being available, you can check for any reported issues for your postcode:



Vodafone network issues

AutoAlert’s SLA





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