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GPS Tracking Radar Screen


View the latest location of your remote workers.
Zoom in and out, compare locations against traffic and download reports such as idling time, activity and routes taken.


GPS Tracking Geofence Areas


You can also create areas and receive alerts when one of your employees enters and/or leaves that area.

Choose a gps tracking device, or view video.




Instant messaging


Communicate with your remote workers from your desktop or mobile phone.

Messages can be sent at a later date to remind you or your staff. You can even tweet a message from your desktop.
Find out more about messaging, or view video.




Job Management


Connect to your employees, customers and subcontractors. Add jobs for your staff or sub-contractors or receive them from your own customers.

You can view the real-time status of your job and share it with your customers.


Raise invoices from your jobs

Once the job is complete, you can raise an invoice from the job details ensuring your invoices are accurate and sent out at the earliest opportunity.

Job Management is provided by Okappy. Find out more about Okappy Job Management.











Key Benefits


Time saving.

Reduce administration and know what is happening in real-time without having to chase your drivers.

Cost saving.

Improve vehicle utilisations, reduce mileage and improve driving standards.

First class customer service.

Respond to customer queries without having to first call your drivers.




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