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Rob hires out Fork Lift Trucks to businesses across the UK. However, they are notoriously easy to steal. They all look similar, are easily accessible and have very few security features.

Consequently, the only effective way for Rob to cut the risk of theft was to simply not hire out trucks to smaller companies or those without a real history with his company.


How AutoAlert Helped:

By providing an AutoAlert GPS Tracking unit within each forklift, Rob could check the locations of his vehicles when he wanted through his mobile phone or web browser.

He can also set up alerts to tell him if a battery is going flat, or to tell him if a customer has attempted to move a forklift away from its authorised location.


Resulting benefit:

This led to a number of improvements for Rob. He could hire his Fork Lift Trucks to smaller customers with less track record confident in the knowledge he could find his vehicles if there was a problem.

Rob could also offer shorter hire periods and provide more services such as an alert if a Fork Lift Truck battery was running low.


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Key Benefits


Time saving.

Reduce administration and know what is happening in real-time without having to chase your drivers.

Cost saving.

Improve vehicle utilisations, reduce mileage and improve driving standards.

First class customer service.

Respond to customer queries without having to first call your drivers.




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