Is Vehicle Tracking Worth the Cost


Large fleets have generally been most able to afford the cost of vehicle tracking and turn it into an overall cost advantage.

Medium and small sized, fleets, however, could not always make that choice and have it be economical. The high cost of equipment, infrastructure, and monthly fees makes traditional vehicle tracking a difficult proposition for all but the largest of fleets.


The basic benefits of vehicle tracking

Before you can determine if vehicle tracking is worth the cost for your own fleet operations, let’s first touch on the basic benefits that can be realized with a good system.


Less driver downtime – Knowing the location of every vehicle and driver means that emergent work and needs can be routed to available personnel quickly and more easily. This prevents drivers from spending extended periods of time waiting for dispatch or direction.


Better customer service – You are better able to serve your customers promptly and efficiently when vehicle locations can be determined quickly and easily. Thus when a new customer call or request comes in the appropriate vehicle can be dispatched right away.


Field replenishment – When vehicles in the field run low on supplies or other necessary items, a good tracking system allows delivery and restocking out in the field instead of requiring the vehicle to return to base for more materials.


Effective supervision – Fleet managers and supervisors will almost always say that they can do their jobs most effectively when they are out in the field with their drivers, rather than in the office or at a desk. Good vehicle tracking allows managers and supervisors to spend more time out in the field where they are most needed.


Typical costs of vehicle tracking systems


The typical costs associated with a traditional vehicle tracking system include the vehicle units, installation,
monthly subscription fees and other hidden fees.


The newest innovation in vehicle tracking, however, is much less expensive and brings this potentially beneficial technology within reach of even the smallest of fleets.

This technology uses smartphones or portable gps tracking devices which don’t require installation and can be monitored using a web-based interface or smartphone application allowing fleet operators to monitor and track their vehicles simply and efficiently without a large upfront outlay.


Anybody considering a vehicle tracking system would be well advised to research both traditional and new options, and do a direct comparison of costs, features and benefits. In most cases, it is likely that the newer technology will end up being the most cost effective solution.




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