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AutoAlert’s mission

At AutoAlert our mission is to help companies grow by shedding light on their processes, removing duplication and aiding communication through our simple to use GPS tracking, job scheduling and messaging system.

We already have thousands of customers around the world benefiting from our system, we’re making early revenues, but we have ambitions to do so much more.

Whether we do this through additional funding, whether we apply for an accelerator like YCombinator, or whether we just accelerate our current growth, we need to strengthen our team in order to help take this forward.


So why join us?

We’ve spent a lot of time learning from our customers and learning from other companies such as Dropbox, Twitter and Whatsapp. We’ve done a lot of development and are getting good feedback from our early customers. As our customers start to use the jobs and messaging features of AutoAlert, they get real value from connecting to their own customers and subcontractors. As we roll out the jobs and messaging to more and more of our customers then there is massive potential to really grow our customer base.

Its an exciting time for AutoAlert and an opportune time to get involved. We’re still small so you would have a real say in the growth of the company and a stake in the potential rewards down the line.


Who are we looking for?

We’d particular like to build on our design and sales and marketing capabilities but this doesn’t mean we’re closed to individuals with other skills. What’s more important to us is how we work as a team and grow on what we have. We’re therefore looking for individuals who are a bit special, have a creative flare and who want to make a real difference to the world.

There’s a lot to do, we don’t have much resources and there is likely to stressful times ahead, therefore you’ll need lots of ambition and plenty of perseverance.


If you’re interested?

If you’re interested in helping create the next WhatsApp, if you have the drive and determination to see it through then get in touch now via our contact form. Please include your contact details and a quick bio.


Consultants, Recruitment agents, Spammers

At this stage, we’re not looking for consultants or recruitment agents. Please don’t spam us, you’d be wasting your time and ours and we’ll only hold it against you for the future.





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