Interacting with the AutoAlert iPhone Monitor Application


With the iPhone and iPad, there are a whole host of new ways to interact with your mobile phone and make entering jobs, viewing your vehicles or communicating with your colleagues easier.

Following are just some of the new ways you can interact with our iOS Monitor application.


Rotating two fingers


Rotating two fingers on iPhone Monitor radar to rotate the map





Rotating your fingers on the screen rotates the map.


Sliding two fingers up


Sliding two fingers on iPhone Monitor radar screen to change perspective





Slide two fingers up on the radar screen to change the angle at which you can view your vehicles on the map. This provides for a more 3D view and when zoomed in can show your vehicles among buildings.





When you’re zoomed in, then pinching or expanding two fingers on the map causes it to zoom or out.




iPhone Monitor radar screen pinch to zoom in iPhone Monitor radar screen spread to zoom out


Double click


Double click on iPhone Monitor Radar screen to zoom in





Double click on the map to zoom in.


Long press


Long press on the iPhone Monitor Radar screen to display options to change the map type





When you’re in the radar screen on the iPhone, pressing and holding on the map will cause the map type options to appear. The options are displayed for a few seconds and allow you to easily switch between standard map view, hybrid or satellite view. Particular useful if you want to see a photo quality image of where your vehicle is parked.


Slide in from the left



Sliding in from the left on the orange tab on the radar screen shows you a list of all your vehicles. You can then click on each one to find it on the map, then zoom in or out. You can also refresh the map, and get further information and settings. Sliding back from right to left closes the list.




Swipe in from the left on the iPhone Monitor Radar screen to show a list of your vehicles Show your list of vehicles on the iPhone Monitor Radar screen


Swipe in from the left on the iPhone Monitor Messages screen to go back





You can also slide in from the left on other screens such as the jobs screen and messaging screen to bring back the previous screen.



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