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As with so much techspeak nowadays, it’s easy to misunderstand, feel ignorant or just turn away from new systems on the market, as being too complex to need. A Global Positioning System (GPS) might well feature in this category. For many of you, it may seem more suited to an astronaut than to the average, busy mum. Why would an everyday consumer need a map navigation device?


1. Independence spells automatic alert

Well, are your children constantly tempted by the lure of independence? Do they often wander off, leaving you fretting? If the recent case of a mother who tracked her grown up son through his global gap year tour, is too much for you, you may feel more comfortable knowing where your younger children are.


2. Rapid response equals seconds

Does your daily job often involve vehicle journeys? Do these mean travel to remote, out-of-town spots or late at night? With a GPS, wherever and whenever you are stranded or in danger, at a touch of a button whilst remaining in your vehicle, you can send an alert to get rapid emergency help.


3. Friends reunited feel at ease

Most of us have been at a crowded theme park or other tourist attraction, at home or abroad, when you discover you have become separated from your tour group, family or friends. Yes, even as adults, it happens. Well, let a GPS find them for you, and in the blink of an eye you’re reunited.


4. Location is a tracking device

Then there are the times when you take your elderly relatives out for a pleasant day trip. What happens? They become submerged in a throng of people who all begin to look the same. Whilst you are thinking they are ‘just behind’, you lose sight of them and it all gets a bit hectic. Supposing you were abroad and no one speaks English?


5. Teenagers want fun

How about the teenager who follows you around whilst you visit your favourite museum or historic building? They are bored, miserable, wishing they were somewhere else. So let them go somewhere else. With your GPS unit you can let them venture off on their own, cool. Later on, even in an unfamiliar place, you simply find their whereabouts.


6. Travellers like to travel

Travelling a long road distance to get to a coastal port, airport, relative or friend? Plan your drive to visit local points of interest, campsites, quaint pubs, restaurants. You can view your favourite places that may not be listed in a tourist guide. Oh, and how about the blissful security of knowing where your luggage is whilst travelling?

GPS use can be limited, depending on connections to the satellite feeds when indoors or blocked by an obstruction. However current development of new technology will improve this.

Why not write in and reply to my ideas? Tell me about your everyday experience, when a GPS would have really helped.



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