Our scheme is so simple.

We guarantee to take away the pain and hassle associated with paying the London Congestion Zone.

Easy As 1 2 3 – This is how it works!


Use the AutoAlert Congestion Charging Application from the iTunes Store. Alternatively, you can use an installed tracking unit or portable tracking unit to continuously monitor your locations and automatically check against the zones.


If you have an iPhone – you can download the AutoAlert London Congestion Zone Application from the iTunes store.

If you have an AutoAlert Tracker – simply contact us to add the reminder service.


Pay the London Congestion Zone.

If you have the AutoAlert Congestion Charge check and remind application – just click on the Pay button within the application.

If you have an AutoAlert Tracker – you can pay via the TFL website, by text message or by phone to their call centre.


Get a reminder.


If you forget to pay, then we will automatically send you a text message reminder at a time of your convenience!

You can also log onto the site to view your locations, tracks and reports.






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