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AutoAlert is not at risk from Heartbleed virus

There has been a lot of talk and worry about the heattbleed virus. Firstly, with regards to the AutoAlert system, we’ve investigated whether there is any potential for us to be affected and can confirm that the AutoAlert GPS Tracking, Job Scheduling and Messaging system is not at risk from the Heartbleed issue. We do not use the same version of software – OpenSSL which was affected and have carried out more checks on our system.


What is the Heartbleed virus

The Heartbleed virus is a flaw that was introduced into a version of software (openSSL) used by many companies on their servers to encrypt data sent between their website and your browser. It is not known whether this flaw was introduced maliciously or whether it was introduced by accident and if a company was hacked its difficult to see any trace of it.

If a company was using the software and it was hacked, then a hackers could gain access to their server and see the data you use when interacting with their website, including passwords and credit card details, and including data which should have been encrypted.


Resetting passwords

Even though we have checked our systems and confirmed that your data is not at risk from this virus, you should still consider resetting your password. With so many websites requiring a password, people often use the same password multiple times. Unfortunately, if you used the same password on a system that was affected, and was hacked, then this does mean that a hacker could potentially try to use the same password on other systems and potentially gain access to your data.

If you are thinking about changing your password though on other companies systems, first make sure they have taken steps to find any risks and have updated their system if required. If they have been affected, if they have been hacked and if they haven’t fixed the issue, then changing your password will just mean that the hackers could see your new password.


Changing your password with AutoAlert

Follow this link to change your password on AutoAlert


Ongoing AutoAlert security

At AutoAlert, the security and reliability of our system takes prime importance. We continue to watch this situation as well as others. We check the system 24/7 for any potential threats and update our systems and software to the latest versions and patches wherever possible

AutoAlert privacy and security policies

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Other information

For more information about the virus, check out the following links:







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