GPS fitted phones save the day


With so many criminals getting away with theft these days, it’s encouraging to see those brought to justice with the aid of modern technology. I’ve just read an article in the paper describing an incident where the GPS fitted phone led police straight to the suspect. This particular thief had gone on a burglary spree, stealing valuables from about 25 – 30 cars and homes in a particular area. One of the stolen items was a mobile phone that was fitted with a GPS tracking device. The owner of the phone notified the police, who then managed to track the suspects exact location, catch him with the stolen goods and make an arrest. Thanks to the savvy owner of the mobile phone tracking device, many other victims of the robber managed to get their possessions returned.
GPS Fitted Phones Save the Day


Petty theft, even though not a life threatening offence, is rather an expensive nuisance. Yes, material things can be replaced, but we all know how extremely disruptive it can be when we have a phone stolen for instance. Mobile phones have become an office in our pockets. It’s a diary of important events, a carefully developed list of valuable contacts, a voice recorder of spur of the moment ideas and thought processes, a route planner and map for that crucial meeting we have to rush off to in the afternoon; the list goes on. When someone steals your mobile phone, they don’t just take a little electronic device, they take reams of personal and valuable information which sometimes cannot be replaced. In this instance, a tracking device can be an invaluable help.

A GPS unit has so many advantages. With regards to vehicle tracking it can help you to check your vehicle effectively, see exact driver locations, keep track on local traffic conditions, protect your vehicle from theft, send and receive alerts and so much more. This technology is not limited to vehicle tracking alone.

Here are some other practical examples:

  • GPS personal tracking devices have been used in aiding the elderly or those who are more vulnerable. These devices allow the person to push a button to call for help, as well as enabling that person’s carer or personal assistant to find their exact position.
  • Pet owners have attached these units to their pets’ collars to have peace of mind and knowledge that they’ll always be able to find an animal that may have wandered off.
  • As mentioned before, a mobile phone fitted with a GPS unit can save a lot of potential hassle.

For such a readily available and affordable piece of equipment, it would be foolish not to add it to our pile of gadgets. Thanks to rapidly evolving technology, we can arm ourselves with effective tools to protect and help us in managing our busy and demanding lives, and deter the thieves.


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