Frequently Asked Questions.


1. How does the London Congestion Zone Check and Remind app work with the iPhone?

When you are in the zone, simply open the Congestion Charging Check application on your iphone and press start. Your phone will then send its location to the AutoAlert system which will cross reference your location with the London Congestion Zone. If you are in the zone a message will be displayed advising you of this.

You can then click pay and then text (where relevant) to open the SMS application on your phone prefilled in with the Congestion Charging Zone short code or click on the telephone option to be connected to the Congestion Charging Call Center.

Note: Registration with Transport for London is required to pay by text message.

You can also view reports of when you entered the zone and receive text message reminders when you are logged into your account.


2. How does it work with an AutoAlert Tracker ?

When the unit is sending its location to the AutoAlert system, the system will cross reference the locations with the London Congetion Charge. If you enter the zone, an alert will be displayed when logged into your account. A reminder message will also be sent at a time of your choosing.


3. 19:30 is inconvient for me, can i change the time i receive my text message ?

Yes you can, simply log in to the site and choose settings to change the time you receive the reminder text..


4. I want to receive my alerts on a different phone, how do I change this.

Again, simply log into your account above and choose settings to determine which phone to generate the reminder alerts to.


5. I like the idea of the service but I know i’m not going to enter the zone for the next 2 months. Do I still have to pay.

No, our system works on a pay as you go basis. The small £5 subscription provides reminders for the upcoming month. If you’re not going to enter the zone, then simply cancel the subscription. You can then re-instate the payments when you want to start receiving the reminders again.


6. Can I use the iPhone application on its own without paying a monthly subscription.

Yes, you can still use the iPhone application to work out whether you are in the congestion charging zone and then pay from your phone. The £5 subscriptions covers the cost of the reminder messages and access to additional reports and features.


7. Sometimes when I enter the zone, it doesn’t immediately show as in the Congestion Charging Zone.

If the iPhone hasn’t got a GPS fix, then it will show the last location in memory which could be outside the Congestion Charging Zone. Simply leave the application running and it will keep checking and show an alert as soon as its has picked up a location within the Congestion Charging Zone.


8. The iPhone shows an alert even if it is outside Congestion Charging Hours.

Yes, some customers want to know where the zone is for future reference. The alerts therefore shows as entering the zone regardless of time. However, no reminder text message will be generated to pay the charge.


9. I haven’t got an iPhone, can I use other phones.

Currently the application is only available on the Apple iPhone or using one of AutoAlert’s GPS Vehicle Tracking units.


10. I’ve signed up but have problems logging in.

The iPhone will sometimes capitalise your email address differently to that expected. Please ensure you copy the email address and unique key exactly as shown when registering your iPhone. If you have forgotton your unique key you can retrieve this by opening the application and clicking on settings.






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